Ulala- Idle Adventure OFFICIAL TRAILER

Ulala- Idle Adventure OFFICIAL TRAILER

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Enjoy the exciting primitive hunting life, explore vast ancient forests, and collect valuable resources to upgrade your equipment!

In Ulala, you will be transformed into a primitive hunter, equipped with merely a stone spear and a thin ancient robe. Here, you and your friends will team-up in an exciting adventure to conquer the frightening and dangerous world surrounding you.

Fully automatic team placement, endless fighting, and 24/7 uninterrupted battles allow you to always enjoy the fun of hunting and catching pets with your friends! In this primitive world, there are many different kinds of creatures for you to discover!

A tyrannosaurus that can ignite a flame, a destructive ostrich that inhabits the heart of a desert, a ferocious wild boar that likes to run through the mud... These creatures help you fight, and all add your own unique adventure that is soon to begin! So what are you waiting for? Join the fun!

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